Third Grade Brilliant Bobcat Requirements

In order to receive the Brilliant Bobcat Award, your child needs to complete 14 out of 17 activities:

Requirements to be worked on at school and at home:
1. Pass off addition facts to 20 (90% accuracy).**
2. Pass off subtraction facts to 20 (90% accuracy).**
3. Pass of multiplication facts to 10 (90% accuracy).**
4. Pass off division facts to 10 (90% accuracy).**
5. Earn at least 90% average on Spelling tests for the year.**
6. No white slips (discipline notes).
7. Pass off Fry Phrases word lists up to list 16.**
8. Complete cursive book as assigned by teacher.
9. Label and correctly spell the continents and oceans on a map.**
10. No more than 5 tardies for the school year.
11. Complete 3 book reports assigned in class.*
12. Complete and present a Country Report to the class.*
13. Complete PTA Reflections project. *
14. Participate in choir.
15. Participate in spelling bee** or monster math competition.
16. Participate in the Poetry Presentation.*
17. Read a minimum of 400 minutes a month (an average of 20 minutes per school night) for the entire year and record on the monthly log. This will include off-track time.

*Long term, complete at-home projects. Directions and due dates will be sent home for each.
**Study at home