Sixth Grade Brilliant Bobcat Requirements

In order to receive the Brilliant Bobcat Award, your child needs to complete 8 of the 13 activities on the top and one of the items from the bottom section.
  1. Be on the Citizenship Honor Roll (all E’s) in work and social skills
  2. Be on the Academic Honor Roll (all A’s)
  3. No more than 5 absences for the school year
  4. No more than 5 tardies for the school year
  5. No White Slips/Office Referrals
  6. Read 5 Newberry or other award/honor books.
  7. Write a summary and personal reaction for each and turn them in
  8. signed by a parent. Turn them in as completed, not all at once.
  9. Participate in the Reflections program
  10. Read 150 minutes per week for entire school year (off-track not counted)
  11. Research, prepare and present to the class a topic of choice from social studies or science curriculum (must have prior teacher approval)
  12. Publish a genre of writing (story, poetry)
  13. Complete lesson 30 and type at least 30 wpm in computer class (KBK)
  14. Receive the National or Presidential Fitness award
  15. Participate in the Spelling or Geography Bee at the school level


Choose one of the following
Be an active member of the Safety Patrol for the entire school year.


omplete a community service project that is at least 12 hours and a written report about the project. (Safety Patrol is at least 12 hours a year)


Participate in Choir and/or Band for the entire year