Fourth Grade Brilliant Bobcat Requirements

1. Achieve a ‘4’ in math all three grading periods.
2. Achieve a ‘4’ in science all three grading periods.
3. Achieve a ‘4’ in word work (spelling and vocabulary) all three grading periods.
4. Achieve ‘Wizard’ or ‘Einstein’ level in Monster Math competition.
5. Complete 100 multiplication facts in 5 minutes with 90% accuracy.
6. Complete 100 division facts in 5 minutes with 90% accuracy.
7. Identify all 29 county seats on map test.
8. Create an ‘Investigation’ poster project on a science topic. *
9. Achieve 4th grade keyboarding proficiency goal – complete through KBK level 18.
10. Participate in 4th grade Wax Museum with a written and oral report.
11. Participate in choir, band, or orchestra.
12. Participate in Reflections’ contest.
13. Participate in Student Council, grade level Geography Bee, or school level Spelling Bee.
14. Play 2 memorized songs on the recorder for teacher.
15. Complete 8 book reports during the year. Seven reports are required for everyone. The eighth report is reading 2 non-fiction books on the same topic and completing a power point/keynote slide show on the topic using the information gained from the books.
16. Achieve National or Presidential Physical Fitness Award.
17. Complete 5 hours of community volunteer service and a written or visual report. *
18. Write a persuasive letter to Mr. Hansen. The letter must follow specific guidelines to count. Student must state their opinion and give 3 supporting details as to why they feel/think that way. *
19. No more than 5 absences and 5 tardies for the school year.
20. No white slips during the 4th grade year.

15 goals required to earn Brilliant Bobcat. Starred items required prior teacher approval.