Second Grade Brilliant Bobcat Requirements

In order to receive the Brilliant Bobcat Award, your child needs to complete 15 out of 18 activities.

1. Complete timed tests by memorizing addition facts up to 20.
2. Complete timed tests by memorizing subtraction facts to 20.
3. Read at least 100 minutes each week.
4. Complete a Great Brain project.
5. Memorize and recite three poems (at least 8 lines long).
6. Write an original poem.
7. Memorize and be able to write your address, phone number and birth date.
8. Earn 90% on 20 spelling tests.
9. Do 3 book report projects.
10. Participate in the PTA Reflections contest.
11. Write a report about one of your grandparents.
12. Publish 1 book in Writer’s Workshop.
13. Make and classify a 12 piece rock collection.
14. Accomplish these P.E. goals:
- 25 consecutive jumping jacks
- 10 consecutive push-ups
- 25 consecutive sit-ups
-skip 50 feet
-walk/run 25 miles (the 25 miles may be stretched out and completed throughout the year)
15. Properly write a letter and address the envelope.
16. Consistently complete and return homework (at least 90%).
17. Have no more than 5 absences or 5 tardies for the school year.
18. Have no white slips during the year.