Attendance Incentives for Students!

Dear Parents and Students,

At Butterfield Canyon Elementary, we believe in your students and their ability to succeed academically. This starts with their attendance in school. Students need time in class to master the skills and content for their grade level. Attendance and punctuality are the first steps toward a lifetime of success.

To promote good attendance and timeliness, our school is rewarding students for perfect punctuality and attendance every on-track period. This means students will get four chances per year to earn rewards. If they have no tardies (tardy being defined as a student arriving at school after 9:00 a.m.) during their on-track period, then they will receive a certificate and treat coupon. If they have no tardies and no absences (see exemptions listed below) during the on-track period, then they will earn a certificate and free book of their choice. Teachers will give out these rewards the last day of their track period.

Zero tardies = certificate and treat coupon
Zero tardies and zero absences = certificate and book of choice

Funerals of immediate family members
Extended hospital stays or illnesses of 3 or more days, with doctor note accompanying the student's return to school. This does not include seasonal illnesses like the common cold or flu.

Please Note: If a student is checked out of school early on any given day, that is recorded in the district-wide attendance system as an absence.

We as educators know that every parent wants to give their child(ren) a chance to succeed. It will take a cooperative effort to ensure that our students will get the best education possible here at BCE.

Thank you for your support and understanding. For questions, please contact yoru child's teacher.

Your Partners in Education
Butterfield Canyon Administration and Faculty