Box Tops and Campbell's Labels for Education

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to another year at Butterfield Canyon! We have two programs that our school participates in. They are Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education.

Here is some information regarding these programs:

Box Tops are found on a variety of products. Box Tops are worth 10 cents when redeemed. Each teacher receives the money for the Box Tops their students turn in.

Here is a list of rules to follow when turning in Box Tops:

1. Cut each Box Top along the dotted line.
2. Check the expiration date on the bottom right corner. (Please do not send expired Box Tops; they are not accepted).
3. There will be an envelope labeled "Box Tops" in each classroom. You may put them in a zip lock back and send them with your student to put them in the envelope. Box Tops no longer need to be attached to collection sheets. Do not staple box tops.
4. Box Tops can be turned in to your teacher anytime, all year long.

Another way you can make a difference is to sign up for Box Tops website at It is easy, free, and you will learn new ways to help the school earn extra cash for our students.

Labels for Education are hte campbell's Soup UPS. These are found on a variety of soups and other products. Each UPC is worth 1 or 5 points. Campbell's Soup offers our school a number of school supplies based on the number or UPCs we redeem. Here are the rules to follow when turning in Campbell's UPCs:

1. Cut each Campbell's UPC on the lines.
2. UPCs should also be turned into the appropriate envelope in your child's classroom.
3. Campbell's no longer accepts the label; it has to be the UPC with the bar code and numbers. Please do not send labels.
4. UPCs can be turned in to your teacher all year long.

You can also visit for more information.

It is very important that the rules for each program are followed. Thank you for choosing to make a difference for our teachers and our school.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Bunker, Program Coordinator by emailing