D-Track Reps WANTED

The classroom volunteer program our school uses is called Learning Links. What is Learning Links? Learning Links is used to create communication between the administration, teachers and parents and improve our children’s education.

Each classroom has a Learning Links Representative. The Learning Links Classroom Representative is a voluntary position and works one-on-one with the teacher to help accommodate the needs of the classroom. The learning links classroom representative is responsible for coordinating parent volunteers and classroom celebrations. The classroom representative is a vital part of parent/teacher communication. This voluntary position requires little time and can be done mostly from home. Volunteering in the classroom is not mandatory.  

I am in need of a Learning Links Representative for the following classrooms: 
1st grade D track- Spain
3rd grade D track- Barnes
5th grade D track- Woolf
5th grade D track- Hansen
If you would be interested in doing this or have any questions please contact me. 
Didi Weaver, Learning Links Program Coordinator didilearninglinks@gmail.com or 801-302-5634