SCC Minutes

Butterfield Canyon
School Community Council Meeting
May 23, 2013

In attendance:
Alisa Didenhover
Joanne Frost
Brandon Maulis
Jodi Stewart-Browning
Rachel Shober
Heather Shay
Tanya Eagar

Minutes pending from last time.

Leader in Me:  First training was held on Friday, May 7.  Next meetings are May 31 and June 14.  The Leader In Me Implementation meeting is scheduled for July 19, the first day the teachers are back in the school following summer break.

School Improvement Plan (SIP):

Our two-year plan was summarized. As part of the SIP, principals will be observing teachers and tracking data about effective teaching as well as engaging staff in professional development. In addition, teachers will produce workable and guaranteed curriculum for their grade/track by the beginning of each term.

Teachers will continue to meet in Professional Learning Communities as grade level teams.  Teachers will be tracking information about student growth in literacy & math on a monthly basis.  Those students needing additional support will be receiving additional help from support teams. This additional support will include behavior & social needs as well as academics.

Math and Language Arts Intervention Specialists have been hired.  Wendy Allred will be working with the lower grades full time, and Ashley Patten will assist upper grades.

After careful inspection of our school literacy data, a gap between boys and girls in reading was detected. A conscious effort will be taken to try to close the gap. Information was gathered from surveys of students & teachers to determine which types of reading material is preferred by boys, especially in grades 3-6. More books will be ordered from this information. The school will be rewarding reading at home & school by all students. This is not just a Butterfield Canyon situation; internationally, boys trail girls in their development of language arts skills.

Mention was given to why the school doesn’t spend more time for fitness/PE.  One reason is the amount of students in our school, which causes limited time in the gym.  4-6 grades participate in Presidential and National Fitness Awards.  Currently many grades walk around the ‘bowl’ on a regular basis. Heather will check to see if there is a fitness program appropriate for the lower grades.
SCC Election Guidelines:

Send election notices out by Aug. 12. 
Nominations: August 12-Sept. 6
Elections Sept. 9-13

Limit of 13 members on the School Community Council (9 parents/4 school employees)

Discipline of Students

Our “Big Three” program is taught at the beginning of the year on how to behave in the school. The Big Three are also explained to new students when they come to the school.  In addition, teachers also have their own expectations in their classrooms that are taught to the students.

When a problem situation is reported to the office, an investigation with students is the first step. Information is gathered by having students complete a think-time sheet; it is an investigative process, problem solving approach.  Each situation is handled on an individual basis with the goal of turning each problem into a learning opportunity for all students involved.

District policy AS67 was discussed. It addresses dangerous or disruptive behavior including weapons or facsimile there-of. In serious cases, the policy is prescriptive about consequences. All students have Due Process.

Information regarding student discipline is logged on the Skyward of dangerous or severely disruptive behavior.

Each SCC member was given a copy of the policy and it is also found on-line at

Other Comments:

Questions were raised about the road that would go through Ivory Homes development that would help with student walking safely to school. As has been discussed previously in SCC meetings, Herriman City isn’t putting in the road now because the area is being actively developed.