Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events at Butterfield Canyon
Friday, May 17                 Sports Day for STARS classes                                                 
Friday, May 17                 Learning Links Meeting                                                  
Mon.- Friday, May 20-31  Coin Harvest (PTA Fundraiser)                              
Wednesday, May 22         5th grade History Fair                        A track                                   
Wednesday, May 22         1st grade Field Trip                                      A & D tracks                  
Thursday, May 23            4th grade Wax Museum                                
Thursday, May 23            School Community Council Meeting                                                      
Friday, May 24                Student of the Month- Citizenship     A & B tracks                            
Monday, May 27               Memorial Day- No School          
Wednesday, May 29         Kindergarten Program
Thursday, May 30            Bike Rodeo  Kindergarten-3rd grade    A & C tracks                            
Thursday, May 30            3rd grade Program for K-6                 
Friday, May 31                 Leader In Me training
Monday, June 3               Kindergarten Parent Luncheon             C & D tracks
Tuesday, June 4              Field Day                                            A track
Tuesday, June 4              6th grade Talent Show                        A & C tracks
Wednesday, June 5         BIZ Town 5th grade                            A & C tracks
Wednesday, June 5         Birthday Wagon
Thursday, June 6             Kindergarten AM Awards Assembly    A track
Thursday, June 6             Kindergarten Field Trip                      C & D tracks
Thursday, June 6             5th grade Field Trip
Thursday, June 6             6th grade vs. Faculty Softball Game     A & C tracks
Thursday, June 6             Awards Assembly                               A track
Friday, June 7                 Last Day of School                              A track                          
Wednesday, June 12        1st grade Field Trip                                       B & C tracks
Thursday, June 13           5th grade History Fair                        B, C, & D tracks
Thursday, June 13           4th grade Field Trip                            B & C tracks
Friday, June 14               PTA Board year-end Celebration
Friday, June 14               Leader In Me training
Tuesday, June 18             BIZ Town 5th grade                            B & D tracks
Tuesday, June 18             4th grade Wax Museum   
Wednesday, June 19        4th grade Wax Museum
Wednesday, June 19        Birthday Wagon
Thursday, June 20           Bike Rodeo  Kindergarten-3rd              B & D tracks
Tuesday, June 25            Piano Concert
Tuesday, June 25            6th grade Talent Show                        B & D tracks
Thursday, June 27           Field Day                                            B, C, & D tracks
Friday, June 28               Student of the Month- Dependability C & D tracks
Monday, July 1                 Awards Assembly                               B, C, & D tracks
Monday, July 1                 6th grade vs. Faculty Softball Game     B & D tracks
Wednesday, July 3          Last Day of School          12:55 pm