SCC Minutes

Butterfield Canyon Elementary School
School Community Council Minutes
October 25, 2012

In attendance, Members: Nick Hansen, Mike Day, Joanne Frost, Melanie Thurnau, Tanya Eagar, Laura da Silva, Hollie Pelch, Rachael Shober, Alisa Didenhover, Jodi Stewart-Browning, Heather Shober, Laura da Silva; Observer: Janet Olander
Excused: Heather Shay and Brandon Maulis 

·         Welcome- Principal Nick Hansen

·         Review of Minutes from 10/11/12 meeting- Mr. Hansen reviewed the minutes; copies were provided via email right after meeting & again in hard copy at today’s meeting. Mr. Hansen motioned that the minutes be approved. Mrs. Frost seconded the motion. All agreed the minutes be approved and posted on the Butterfield Canyon Blog.

·         School Land Trust Report 2012-2013- Copy of Land Trust goals and funding was provided for members to study. The goal is to increase student literacy by providing Tier II intervention for struggling readers and improve Tier I literacy instruction provided by classroom teachers.

How effective have the Technicians been as determined by student achievement? Mr. Hansen explained that trained paraprofessionals, ‘Techs’, work under the supervision of the classroom teacher to provide small group help with students in different areas for 30 minutes four days a week. Last year, Techs assisted with math & reading. This year students from each class, K-3, who are struggling with reading work with Techs using “My Sidewalks”, a structured, scripted, research-based program, 30 minutes four days a week. This year, students in 4th-6th grades who need extra support in reading, work with Techs for 30 minutes four days a week on activities taken from a Literacy Activity Menu designed by BCE’s Literacy Committee.  Mrs. Frost reported that she saw good results in student achievement last school year with the students in the small Tech groups. Janet Olander also told the group that she had worked as a Tech last year using “My Sidewalks” and saw many young students move many guided reading levels during the year, due in part to the extra small reading group instruction.

·         Criterion Reference Test result summary
Data was shared with the committee regarding last spring’s Criterion Reference Testing (CRT) results. The data was explained.
Members of the SCC requested that additional data be provided to the group via email. The administration agreed that such information would be sent out in the next few weeks for review.

·         Budget Adjustment for Land Trust Monies- Proposed Revised Budget
Last year the funds were set aside from the School Land Trust to fund Literacy Technicians. BCE needs $38,500.00 to fund currently hired Techs instead of the $30,000.00 originally allocated. There is not a need for the $11,000.00 textbook monies set aside for the “My Sidewalks” program because the texts & supporting supplies needed were provided by the District. That leaves $11,000.00 to pay for Tech salaries needed to extend their small group literacy support through mid-April. Mr. Hansen asked that the group consider an adjusting the monies to move at least $8,500.00.
Rachael Shober, made a motion to move $11,000.00 from texts to salaries. Before it was seconded a discussion was held to only move $8,500.00 to salaries and reserve the right to spend the other $2,500.00 in a different way next year. Mr. Hansen explained that the process of moving any funds must be approved after the SCC decision to the School Board & then the State Office. A second motion to move $11,000.00 was made by Hollie Pelch. The vote was unanimous to move the full amount.

·         Space Available Bus guidelines
An Interdistrict Communication listing different options approved for determining space-available bus seats was provided. In the past, space-available was given to families living the furthest away from the school. As a SCC we are now determining who will be given space in the future.
It was suggested that distance & age be considered. A discussion was held about the impact of that potential decision on families and neighborhoods.
Using distance from the school for the initial distribution of space available seats, which are allocated 15 days after D track begins, and then to fill in the space as it comes available, first come, first served was the final decision of the SCC. The point was made that it is very important the SCC members, as well as the school, communicate and educate patrons about the process.

·         Dual Language Immersion possibility
Laura da Silva shared a State Office of Education video on dual language immersion.  Slides with more information specific to dual language immersion were also presented.
Mike Day brought up concerns about additional funding required beyond the $10,000.00 provided by the State for implementation. He suggested that being an outlier is difficult; you don’t want to jump in on any trend too early or too late.
Mr. Day asked Mr. Hansen to speak to the implementation issues involved with dual language immersion programs. Mr. Hansen has had a great deal of experience with dual language as both schools he worked at in previous years, Herriman & Foothills, had such programs. He was part of the initial implementation phase and reported it is very difficult to get started for many reasons including finding space, finding families interested and willing to commit to multiple years, and securing qualified teachers and translated materials.  While Mr. Hansen is a supporter of Dual Language, he knows that it is good for kids; he said he must respectfully decline the opportunity to begin a dual language program at this time. His biggest concern is the space required to open a class. We would need at least 55 Kindergarten students within our boundaries interested and they would need to commit to stay in the program long-term.
The application due date of November 1st made it difficult to educate our patrons and survey the interest.
The suggestion was made to educate our patrons about the potential of a dual language program with a possible beginning in the 2014-15 year when the new elementary is opened in Herriman. There are currently options for dual language immersion in Spanish at Herriman Elementary & Chinese at Foothills; however, these programs are only by permit if space in the program is available. Melanie Thurnau made a motion to complete an application; Tanya Eager seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the majority of SCC members voted not to complete the application this year.

·         Recess temperature for an inside day in winter
A discussion took place about the possible raising of the temperature wherein students would be kept inside the building during the winter months. The flyer that was sent home last year was shared. At that time the SCC had established the inside recess day temperature at less than 24 degrees. The SCC determined that the temperature established in the past would be kept the same this school year.

·         Drop off & pick up safety
SCC discussed current problems with the traffic flow especially after school. There are concerns about students crossing crosswalks not manned by adult supervision, crossing through the parking lot without an adult, students being encouraged to jaywalk across various streets in front and behind the school, and cars not heeding pedestrian crossing signs on the north side of the school. Various ideas, including the way the traffic flows at Jordan Hills Elementary (which has BCE’s same footprint), were discussed. The school and SCC members will continue to educate students and patrons about safe procedures. The SCC will be working to update the Safe Walking Plan during our next meeting in January.

·         Introduction to Leader in Me Program for possible implementation 2013-2014 school year
Mr. Hansen showed the Leader In Me website to the group, spoke briefly about the main purposes of the program and encouraged SCC members to look carefully at the website to educate themselves and prepare for an upcoming discussion.

·         There was no additional community input at this meeting. The meeting was adjured at 3:50 pm. Our next scheduled SCC meeting is Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 2:00 pm in the school’s Faculty Room.