Principal Nick Hansen

Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Nick Hansen. I have been given the great opportunity of being the new principal of Butterfield Canyon. When the school first opened in 2006, I taught 4th grade under the wonderful Mrs. Davis. I have the utmost respect for her and appreciate her service. I have been in education for 10 years and have worked in many different schools throughout the valley. Most recently, I was the assistant principal of Foothills and Herriman. I also welcome this opportunity to come home, and look forward to working with you to provide ideal educational experiences for your students.

I currently live in Eagle Mountain with my beautiful wife and three children, ages 4-9. When I’m not at school: I can be found riding my bike, running, working out, reading good books, jumping on the tramp with my kids, and hanging out with family.

Thank you for making Butterfield Canyon your school of choice and for entrusting us with your children.

I look forward to working with you. You can e-mail me at, call me at 801-254-0737, or call our head secretary Connie to make an appointment.


Butterfield Canyon Mission Statement

To excite, empower and encourage life-long learners who are responsible citizens.

Vision Statement

•Provide opportunities for staff and families to develop a sense of pride in BCE.
•Collaborate through shared participation and mutual responsibility.
•Provide explicit instruction with opportunities to explore, learn and grow.
•Support all staff in their pursuit of improving professional development for the maximum student performance.

Belief Statements

•We will provide an inviting school environment for students by having clear expectations, consistent consequences and specific, articulated goals.
•We will teach for understanding, using ongoing assessments to monitor students’ progress, and provide a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery.
•We will model the life-long learning and commitment to high quality work that we hope to develop in our students.
•We will work collaboratively in developing instructional strategies, designing methods of assessment, and advancing the vision of the school.
•We will monitor the results of our individual and collective efforts and use that as evidence to guide our process of continuous improvement.
•We will identify the essential outcomes of each grade level and help all students achieve the intended outcomes of the curriculum by addressing their individual needs and learning styles.