The Giving Tree


Butterfield Canyon Elementary has grown a big and beautiful GIVING TREE! To continue to help our students be the best, our school has adopted the new UTAH CORE STANDARDS in Language Arts for the 2011-2012 school year. The UTAH CORE STANDARDS will make our students competitive with other students in over 40 states who have also adopted this core.

With this new adoption comes the need for student picture books and novels that are required to teach the concepts. YOU have the opportunity to help your child’s grade level gather books for this National Common Core. Come into the front of the building and check out the GIVING TREE. Grab an apple from the tree and bring the book back to your teacher. We thank you in advance for your support to our continued efforts to make Butterfield Canyon an excellent educational experience for EVERY child.

Each grade level has a specific color of apple on the tree and is ripe for the pickin’. Please make sure that ONLY ADULTS pick an apple from the tree. Purchase the book that you have chosen and send it back to your child’s teacher.

Books can be purchased at Barnes and Noble,, book orders, or anywhere else books are sold.

Specific grade level colors are:

Kindergarten – Purple
1st - Lt. Green
2nd - Lt. Blue
3rd - Red
4th - Gold
5th – Orange
6th - does not have any books to purchase until next year

Thanks so much for your amazing help with this project. If you have any questions, please contact the school.