Lunch Menu

Lunch Prices
  • The cost for lunch is $1.75 per day per student
  • The cost for reduced lunch is $.40 per day per student. You must submit an application and be approved by the Jordan School District to receive the reduced price.
  • The cost for milk is $.25
  • The cost for a visitor lunch is $3.00 per day per visitor. This can be paid with cash or a check. Parents cannot use their students' lunch accounts for guest lunches.

  • You can pay your student's lunch account daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly by cash or check.
  • At any time during the school year*, you have the option to set up automatic payments through PayPAMS at Be sure to set up a minimum balance for your student to ensure their account does not go into a negative balance. *PAMS is currently set up for the Middle and High Schools and will take effect for Butterfield Canyon in May 
  • A monthly account statement is sent home with each student to help you stay on track. The monthly statement is printed on blue paper.
  • A weekly negative balance statement is sent home with those students who have exhausted their funds. The weekly statement is printed on yellow paper.
  • Lunch accounts that reach a negative status must be cleared within 5 days. Students who are going off-track should not wait until coming back on track to pay their lunch balance.
  • One month prior to the end of school for each track, students will be given a weekly statement showing how much to pay for the end of the year. All accounts must be cleared before the end of each school year.
  • Positive balances are carried over to the following school year. Refunds are only given upon request by a parent or guardian.
  • Funds may be transferred between siblings' accounts. Siblings may not use the same lunch code.

Collecting Funds
  • Your student will receive a stamp on their hand when they are in need of funds for their lunch account.
  • The lunch clerk, and/or the student, will make phone calls to the parent or guardian if payment is not received after the stamp is given to the student.
  • After five lunches are debited and attempts to contact the parent or guardian have not been successful, your student may receive a snack lunch consisting of a roll and milk. A phone call by the student will be made prior to the snack lunch being served.
  • Returned checks will be deducted from your student's lunch account and must be paid in cash to clear the balance.
  • If you are using PAMS and your student receives a stamp, please check your account online to ensure you have set up your minimum balance correctly. PAMS does not send notification after the traditional school year has ended.  *PAMS is currently set up for the Middle and High Schools and will take effect for Butterfield Canyon in May

You may request a current lunch balance at any time during the school year by contacting our lunch clerk. You may also apply any time during the year for free or reduced lunch if your situation changes.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above information, please contact our lunch clerk Billie Jo Grundmann or Principal Shelly Davis at 801-254-0737